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AGA Adventures was founded by Adri and Gelje with the idea to combine their love for the mountains with their passion for telling stories and sharing new adventures with the world. AGA Adventures promises to give you an experience that will stay in your memories forever. Whether it’s for a personal goal or just to explore a new country or see Mt Everest, we know exactly the feeling and will accommodate your every need (within reason!) during this journey, because it’s certainly a once in a lifetime experience. 


Our co- founders, Adriana Brownlee and Gelje Sherpa, share 3 Guinness World Records, over 30 8000m peak summits and over 40 mountaineering expeditions between them, you are certainly in the right hands and they will be there to accompany and guide every single client who comes through the AGA Adventures doors to undertake a new adventure in the Himalayas. This is what sets us apart from hundreds of other trekking companies out there, we don’t use local agencies to organise your trek, instead we do everything for you ourselves from the booking to the training and the trek itself.

 Let’s Explore the Himalayas together. 

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Adriana Brownlee

adriana brownlee

2 x Guinness World Record holder
10 x 8000m peaks climbed
Youngest woman ever to summit K2
Youngest woman every to summit 5 higher 8000ers

Adriana Brownlee is a British mountaineer and adventure athlete who is currently on course to becoming the youngest woman ever to summit all 14 8000m peaks.


Her love for the mountains began when she was just 9 years old when she climbed the Three Peaks in the UK in 22 hours with her father. Following this Adriana continued to explore the mountains climbing Elbrus, Kilimanjaro and Aconcagua all before her 18th birthday.


Now she has summited 10 8000m peaks including K2, Annapurna and Everest gaining records along the way such as becoming the youngest woman ever to summit K2 and the youngest woman to summit the 5 higher 8000m peaks. 


13 x 8000m peaks
25+ 8000m peak successful expeditions
Youngest person ever to summit K2 in Winter
6 Winter 8000m peak expeditions

Gelje Sherpa was born and raised in the Solukhumbu region of the Himalayas and followed in his fathers’ footsteps as he saw the potential to make money in the trekking and climbing business.


He began trekking and working as a kitchen boy at age 14 where he accidently summited Mera Peak (6476m) trying to bring biscuits and hot tea to the clients at the summit! Following this he worked as a Khumbu Icefall doctor for 5 years where he dreamed of one day summiting Mt Everest. In 2017 he began his career in high altitude guiding and since then has summited 13 of the 8000m peaks and 30 summits of 6000 + 8000m mountains in total.


He was the youngest person to climb K2 in the Winter in 2021 alongside Nimsdai and 8 other Nepalese climbers as well as being part of the Project Possible team in 2019.

Gelje Sherpa
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