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UDANA - Who we are and how you can support during your adventure

As part of the AGA Adventures package you will also be supporting our beautiful charity partner UDANA.

Udana is a Spanish based charity run in Nepal which supports 15 girls from ages 11 to 22 who have come from villages with a lack of quality education or don’t have families that can support them into becoming successful and independent young women.

Udana takes on the roll of the familiar support system for each and every one of these beautiful girls. They provide everything from the house they all live in together to their education through to university, food, personal clothes, everything a young woman requires to be able to develop and thrive into successful women in Nepal. Every few months volunteers come to visit the house to add that personal touch to the support system and have an adult figure there even if its just for a few days to help with their school work and other activities.

By joining us on AGA Adventures £20 of the total trek cost will go to the Udana Charity to continue to support these amazing girls. There may also be an opportunity to visit the girls during your stay in Kathmandu and get to know the Nepali culture even more!

Let us introduce you to the Udana family!

To find out more information visit their website below.


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