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Which Himalayan Trek is the best for you?

Here we will discuss the differences between each of the Himalayan treks we offer at AGA Adventures as well as a few other options that might be the best fit for you!

Choosing the right trek can be tricky as there are just so many choices with so many different characteristics, but what we do know is that you will love every single one of them so there is never a wrong choice!

Lets begin by comparing the three treks we currently offer, Three Passes, Manaslu Circuit and Everest Basecamp..






Gorkha Manaslu



2/5 Paths are stable the whole way and altitude gain average is quite low. You will only be walking maximum 5 hours in a day, the hardest day being from Phakding to Namche in terms of altitude gain and steepness with 800m elevation.

3/5 Manaslu Circuit is slightly more remote and parts are less pathed however it is still a nice steady trek for your first time. There is one pass called Larkya La Pass which takes you to an altitude of 5106m and takes approximately 9 hours.

4/5 Three passes trek is a longer trek which takes you over three 5000m passes and tests your endurance more than the previous two. The way is still very well marked and pathed but some parts are more remote and the passes can be harder to navigate especially with snow. This is a trek for people want to really challenge themselves and see a lot more of the Himalayas

​Days trekking




​Time of year for trek

March-May or September - November

March-May or September - November

March - May or September - November


Very Popular

Moderately popular

Least popular


Many villages along the way and access to all resources

More remote than EBC and less villages with less resources but still lodges along the full length

Many Villages along most parts of the trek but some sections will feel a lot more remote especially on the passes

All three of these treks are so wonderful and full of adventure and views that will leave your jaw on the floor however each has its own little differences. Manaslu Circuit is in a very different area which is much less crowded than the Solukhumbu (Everest Region) however you are still never far from a warm lodge. It is all dependent on how much you want to challenge yourself or how many people you want to see on the way!

Lets take a look at some other treks too!

Annapurna Circuit Trek

The Annapurna Circuit Trek is also a more remote trek with less frequent villages and less marked out paths however it is still one of the most beautiful treks taking you through places like Tattopani where you can bathe in the natural hot springs or just soak in the relaxing vibes of Pokhara before your trek begins! The trek can take anywhere from 12 to 21 days depending on the route you take. I would definitely recommend this trek if you want something a little less popular and more challenging than Everest Basecamp.

We will be adding this Trek to our dates soon!

Kanchenjunga Basecamp Trek

The Kanchenjunga Basecamp trek is a 21 day trek over 220km long! The terrain is a little rougher and rockier, requiring ropes at some points however it stretches along the Arun valley which is one of the most beautiful trekking spots in Nepal. The trek is not very popular so may likely be one of the only groups out there! This is definitely one for challenging yourself and also being alone in the beauty of the Himalayas.

Great Himalaya trail

The Great Himalayan Trail is the mother of all Himalayan treks. This is the FULL length of the Nepal Himalayan range taking you from the western most side to the eastern most and crossing the remotest and almost untouched parts of Nepal. Less than 50 people have ever completed the hike and can take around 150 days and spans over 1700km! This is the trek for you if you really want to create a life challenge that will set you apart from everyone! You can also do this in parts or sections over many months or even years. The trek crosses many dangerous passes, some with no route to follow, but that's what makes it a real exciting challenge..


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